Community Based Tour

Community Based Tour

Community Based Tourism

Engage in community –based tourism in Bangladesh. Value local people over profit, and help sustain indigenous communities while experiencing another culture and another way of being.
Tours and Trips Bangladesh invites small groups of visitors into a cultural immersion of their land and traditions so as to inspire a shift in the modern world’s habit of consumption that drives the development threatening their existence.
Community –based tourism is travel to local indigenous communities that have invited outsiders to experience their customs, food, lifestyle, and set of beliefs.
These communities manage both the impacts and the benefits of this tourism, strengthening their self-governance, economic alternatives, and traditional ways of life in the process.
You will be helping these communities by taking one of the following tour.
Community base tourism

Ethnic People of the Tea Valley

Ethnic People of the Tea Valley Duration: 5 Days Highlights
5 Days

Home Stay

Home Stay Duration: 4 Days Highlights: Sightseeing in Dhaka Rural
4 Days

Meet People Of The Hills

8 days tour on Meet the Hilly Ethnic in Chittagong, Rangamati
8 Days

Meet the Ethnic People of Shantal & Garo

6 days tour  on Meet the Ehnic Shantal & Garo
7 Days

Microcredit Finance Tour

Day-long tour. Starts from $ 135/-
Full Day

Pottery & Metalcraft Village

Day long tour on Pottery, Metal Craft village & Dhaka
Full Day

Weavers & Farmers

Weavers & Farmers Duration: 3 Days Highlights of the tour
3 Days

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