Saraswati puja is one of the religious festivals in the Hindu community, celebrated throughout the country with traditional gaiety, religious ferver and spiritual pursuit of knowledge. She is the goddess of knowledge, art, music and culture. She represents power, creativity and inspiration and presents herself as fair, wearing a white sari and a garland of white beads. The white symbolizes the purity of Saraswati. On this auspicious day thousands of people attend Anjali in the morning and attend Mandaps with their loved ones where children place their textbooks and pens on her alter with the sacred books. The Hindu devotees believe an ignorant person can acquire knowledge through the blessing of Saraswati. All the academic institutions remain close on this day. Hindu children are also imparted their first lessons in reading and writing. Youths come together to join the celebrations and worship the Goddess in different art and music institution and school. The temples are a cornucopia of colours and decoration buzzing with festive and energy.

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