Quick Facts about Chunakhola Mosque Location: Bagerhat, Khulna, Bangladesh Built: 15th Century. Built for: Khan Jahan Ali. Area: The external dimensions of the structure are 45 feet and 5 inches by 45 feet, forming a square shape. Internally, the building features a square floor plan measuring 25 feet and 2 inches by 25 feet and

Many people from other countries are interested in visiting Bangladesh because it has a mix of cultures, beautiful scenery, and a long history. If you work as a tour guide there, you can help them have great trips and make lasting memories. This guide will show you how to become a successful tourist guide in

The spread of Islam in Bangladesh took root during the Sultanate period, leaving behind a rich legacy of historical mosques. Today, Bangladesh, aptly known as the “City of Mosques,” boasts numerous structures that stand as testaments to faith, architecture, and resilience. While many mosques haven’t survived the ravages of time, those that remain offer a

Zia Ahmed is an independent tour guide based in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Born and bred in Dhaka, Zia started his professional tour guiding career in South Africa, working in Kruger National Park from 1993 to 1996. Guiding became his passion. He then worked in Vienna, Austria, for seven years, leading mainly Indian tourist

Archaeological heritage of Bangladesh Paharpur Buddhist Vihara According to the Bengali Vocabulary, the name Paharpur (Pahar = hill, pur = locality) means a locality of hill. It is a village in Badalgachi Upazila of Naogaon District. The nearest railway station of Jamalganj that lies on the Khulna-Parvatipur rail tract and is connected with Paharpur by

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Christmas Day celebrated on the 25th of December, is the most festive and joyous occasion celebrated with religious freedom by the Christians in Bangladesh and is also a declared public holiday. The celebration of Christmas features special prayers in churches on Christmas Eve, exchange of gifts and cards to express Christmas greetings, arrangements of feasts

On the occasion of Lalon Shah’s birthday, the folk singers (Bauls) perform Lalon’s songs, usually under a banyan tree or on the bank of a river near a village and a group of people organize a fair at the spot. Rural musical instruments, handicrafts, pottery, light snacks and household items are available in the fair

Victory Day is a national holiday in Bangladesh, celebrated on 16th December to commemorate the victory of the Allied Forces High Command over the Pakistani forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War, in 1971. Military Parade by Bangladesh Armed Forces at the National Parade Ground, ceremonial meetings, speeches, lectures, receptions and fireworks take place on this

Overview of Nabanna Festival Nabanna Festival, also known as the “new rice festival,” is a traditional harvest festival celebrated predominantly in the rural areas of Bangladesh. It serves as a time-honored tribute to the bounties of nature and the toil of farmers, symbolizing the prosperity and abundance brought forth by the harvest season. Significance in

Kothin Chibor Dan, a traditional practice deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of certain communities, holds a significant place in the social and economic spheres of these societies. This article delves into the origins, practices, importance, challenges, and ways to preserve this age-old tradition. Understanding the Tradition and Its Origins Historical Context The roots of

Bangladesh, a land steeped in rich cultural heritage, celebrates a plethora of festivals throughout the year, each offering a glimpse into its vibrant tapestry of traditions. Among these, Kali Puja stands out as a fervent ode to devotion, spirituality, and community bonding. Rooted in Hindu mythology, this auspicious occasion commemorates the divine feminine energy embodied