Dublar Char is a special island in the south part of the Sundarbans mangrove forest. It’s a quiet place with beautiful nature and lively local culture. This article looks at what makes Dublar Char unique, like its role as a fishing village, the yearly Rashmela festival, and the various wildlife living there.

Dublar Char: A Fishing Village and Economic Hub

Dublar Char is like a safe place for fishermen. They mainly make a living by fishing and drying fish. When it rains a lot, fishermen from different parts of the country, such as Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong, Bagerhat, Pirojpur, Khulna, and Satkhira districts, come to Dublar Char to dry Hilsa fish. This helps the island’s economy, and the government gets money from boat licenses and daily fuel fees.

Where is Dublar Char Located?

Dublar Char is specifically located in the Bagerhat District within the Khulna Division. It spans approximately 66.5 square kilometers and is a popular tourist destination in the Sundarbans. What sets this island apart is that it can only be accessed through the Teletalk Internet & Mobile Network.

Apart from its scenic beauty, Dublar Char is also functional. Fishermen temporarily inhabit the island for about three to four months during the fishing season. They have requested the government of Bangladesh to establish a floating hospital to address their healthcare needs.

Rashmela Festival: A Vibrant Cultural Celebration

Every year in the Bengali month of Kartik, an exciting celebration called the Rashmela festival brings the island to life. This tradition, going strong for over two centuries, was started by Haribandh Thakur in 1923. People from all over the country and even tourists from other countries come to join in the festivities.

Rashmela Festival Dublar Char

The festival involves religious ceremonies like Punna Sanan and the lively Ras Purnima celebration, where devotees take sea baths and put fruits in the seawater. The atmosphere is filled with joy as musical instruments and religious songs set the tone, making Rashmela a cultural highlight for both locals and visitors.

Breathtaking Wildlife and Natural Beauty

Dublar Char isn’t just a busy place for people; it’s also home to a variety of birds such as Halcyon and Egret. As well as a notable population of deer.

Natural Beauty of Dublar Char

If you love nature and want a peaceful experience during your Sundarbans tour, Dublar Char provides a calm setting where you can connect with the natural world.

How to Go to Dublar Char From Khulna?

  • Start in Khulna City
  • Take a Bus to Mongla
  • Arrive at Mongla Port
  • Choose a Steamer or Engine Boat
  • Enjoy the Boat Ride to Dublar Char

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Accommodations and Dining

If you’re planning to stay on this place, there are accommodation options available through tourist vessels and engine boats.

There are also rest houses like Nilcomal at Hironpoints, Tiger Point at Kanchikhali, and the Katka Forest Department rest house that cater to the diverse needs of tourists. The costs for accommodation vary based on the type of lodging and whether the visitor is local or foreign.

Exploring Nearby Areas

Beyond Dublar Char, Satkhira District and its city area provide a range of accommodation options. In Satkhira town, there are affordable rooms suitable for solo travelers, families, or groups. Mongla offers accommodation through Parjoton Corporation’s hotel, and Poshur Port has a selection of general hotels.

If you head to Khulna city, you’ll find various quality hotels such as Hotel Royal, Castle Salam, Hotel Tiger Garden, Hotel West Inn, Hotel City Inn, and Hotel Millennium.


Dublar Char, nestled within the Sundarbans, is a hidden gem offering cultural festivities, a vibrant fishing community, and stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, nature enthusiast, or culture lover, a visit to Dublar Char ensures a enriching and unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Dublar Char

Where is Dublar Char located?

Dublar Char is an island in Bangladesh situated in the Bagerhat District of the Khulna Division. It is within the Sundarbans, a renowned mangrove forest.

What is the size of Dublar Char?

Dublar Char has an area of 66.5 km^2, making it one of the significant islands in the region.

How long do fishermen live on the island during the fishing season?

Fishermen live on Dublar Char for three to four months during the fishing season.

What is the economic significance of Dublar Char?

Dublar Char is the largest dry fish processing site in the Sundarban region. It plays a crucial role in the economy, with fishermen coming from various districts for fish drying.

Are there accommodations on Dublar Char?

Yes, there are accommodation options available through tourist vessels and engine boats. Rest houses like Nilcomal, Tiger Point, and the Katka Forest Department rest house cater to the diverse needs of tourists.

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