Introduction: Embracing the Colors of Pohela Falgun Pohela Falgun, the first day of spring, heralds a new beginning filled with colors, warmth, and joy in the heart of Bangladesh. This vibrant festival marks the end of the gloomy winter months and welcomes the season of blossoms with open arms. Let’s delve into the cultural richness

Saraswati puja is one of the religious festivals in the Hindu community, celebrated throughout the country with traditional gaiety, religious ferver and spiritual pursuit of knowledge. She is the goddess of knowledge, art, music and culture. She represents power, creativity and inspiration and presents herself as fair, wearing a white sari and a garland of

Bishwa Ijtema, the world’s second-largest Muslim congregation after Hajj, started on the banks of the River Turag in Tongi, Bangladesh. Organized by Tablighi Jamaat, this annual event is a major spiritual gathering for Muslims globally and resumed after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Spiritual Commencement: A’mbayan by Maulana Ziaul Haque The inauguration

Shakrain:  January 14th & 15th Shakrain is one of the most old, famous and annual festivals celebrated in Dhaka, Bangladesh at the end of the Bengali month Poush (Jan 14th or 15th). This day is known as Poush Sangkranti; it is a symbol of unity and friendship and celebrated mostly around the southern part of