Durga Puja, the grandest festival of the Bengalis, which commemorates the victory of Goddess Durga over a demon Mahisasur. It marks as the universal resurgence of the power of creation over destruction. Durga is the Goddess of divine power against all evils. For months local artisans makes the idols with great enthusiasm and devotion, for the countdown of the biggest religious festival in the Hindu community. Not only the Hindu community but the whole nation waits to celebrate the puja also known as Sharbojanin Durgotsha, meaning universal Dururga festival. The ritual entails 10 days of fast, feast and worship but the last 5 days Shashthi, Shaptami, Ashtami, Navami, Bijoya Dashami – are celebrated with much gaiety. The image of the goddess is immersed in water on the Dashami, tenth day. Preparation of the immersion of Durga starts in the morning but the actual immersion takes place in the evening; long procession of devotees carry the images of the goddess from various puja pandals to nearby ponds, canals and rivers where they are immersed. The dashohara mela is held on this day where everyone wears new dresses and congregates at the fair. People from all walks of life are seen crowding the temples and Puja mandaps to see the preparation.

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