Top Ten historical mosques in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country. The mosque is a place of worship for the followers of Islam. As Dhaka is the city of mosque. The spread of Islam in this region started mainly during the Sultanate period. Many mosques have been destroyed in this country due to various reasons. There are still some mosques of the Sultanate period and the ruins of some mosques. Today we will tell you about the historical mosque of Bangladesh.


Sixty Dome Mosque:

Sixty Dome Mosque one of the top ten historical mosque in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the home of three different world heritage and Sixty dome mosque is one of them. There is no accurate information about who built it or when it was built. However, judging from the architectural style of the mosque, there is no doubt that it was built by Khan Jahan. This is an ancient mosque located in the southwest of Bagerhat district in Bangladesh. It is thought it was built in the 15th century. This mosque lasted for many years and cost a lot of money. This mosque of Bagerhat has been given the status of a World Heritage Site. This honor was conferred by UNESCO in 1985.

The mosque is about 160 feet long from north to south, 143 feet long inside, and 104 feet wide from east to west and 88 feet wide on the inside. The walls are about 8· 5 feet thick. The total number of domes in the sixty-domed mosque is 81, 11 domes in 7 lines total 77 domes 4 in each and 4 in the four corners. In the evolution of time, 60 domes have become popularly called sixty domes, henceforth its miles called sixty domes.

Over time, the 81 domes became commonly known as the sixty domes, which was later called the sixty domes masjid. During the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmoud Shah (1435-59), Azam Uluq Khan Jahan Khan established the Khalifabad Kingdom near the Sundarbans. Khanjahan built a court hall for the meeting, which later became sixty domed mosques, Inside the mosque there are 10 mihrabs on the west wall. The Mihrab in the middle is big and gorgeous.There are five mihrabs withinside the south and four mihrabs withinside the north. Just next to the middle mihrab, on the north side, where there is supposed to be 1 mihrab, there is a small door. This is one of the historical mosques in Bangladesh. Besides this mosque there are more things to do in Bagerhat district.

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Chunakhola Mosque

Chunakhola Mosque

Chunkhola Mosque is an antiquities located in Bagerhat district of Bangladesh. The mosque, underlying the fifteenth century, is situated in the village of Chunkhola The architectural style of the mosque is different from other architectural styles built by Khan Jahan Ali. The walls of the 7.7 sq m square building are 2.24 m thick. The mosque has 3 doorways on the east side and one passageway on the north and south sides. It has three mihrabs of which the focal mihrab is the biggest. The mosque has a half-dome. The brick walls were demolished and renovated in 1980 with the help of UNESCO. This is one of the top ten historical mosque in Bangladesh.

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Kusumba Mosque

Kusumba Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

The mosque was worked by a man named Sulaiman during the rule of Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah, the last leader of the Shura line during the Afghan principle. Kusumba Mosque is an antiquated mosque in Kusumba town in Manda upazila of Naogaon area in Bangladesh. On the west bank of the Kusumba Dighi, there is a dim mosque made of stone. The five takas note of Bangladesh has an image of this mosque. The date of construction of the mosque is written as 96 AH (1556-1569 AD) on the plaque placed at the entrance of the mosque.

The mosque is 58 feet long and 42 feet wide. There are 6 round domes in two rows. The mosque has a design of herbs. There was a guard post at the main entrance of the walled mosque. The mosque has a brick masonry, a slightly curved cornice and an adjacent rectangular tower. From these the influence of Bengali architecture is found in the architecture of the mosque. Although the main masonry of the mosque is brick, its entire walls and inner arches are covered with stone. The columns, establishments, floors and dividers of the mosque are made of stone. The mosque is rectangular and has three narrows and two isles. It has three entrances on the east and one on the north-south. The focal mihrab of the mosque is independent from the west divider. There are two mihrabs on the south-east side of the west divider and along the center passageway which are corresponding to the floor. There are 3 mihrabs altogether, which are all made of dark stone. In front of the mosque there is a huge reservoir with an area of ​​25.83 acres. The mihrab is engraved with designs of vines and herbs.


Inside the mosque there is a high seat on a pillar in the north-west corner. It is believed that the judges / judges of the time used to sit in this seat and handle various issues of the area. This is one of the most attractive one of the top ten mosques in Bangladesh. There are also many things to do Can check our tour packages Up Close.

Goaldi Mosque:

Goaldi Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

Goaldi Mosque was built by Mollah Hijabar Khan in 1519 AD during the reign of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah. This ancient mosque located at Sonargaon in Bangladesh. The mosque has one dome. The west wall has three arches. This mosque is a historical mosque for Bangladesh. You can also visit many historical places in Sonargoan besides this mosque. One of the top ten historical mosques in Bangladesh.

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Choto Sona Mosque:

Choto Sona Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

The small Sonamasjid is known as the ‘jewel of Sultanate architecture’. Choto sona mosque is locally called as choto sona masjid or small golden mosque. It had a golden coating on the outside, which shone like gold when exposed to sunlight, the fifteen dooms of the mosque including three chau-chala domes in the middle row, once gilded, so derives its name from that fact. The mosque was built by a man named Wali Mohammmad in between 1493 to 1519 during the time of Sultan of Bengal Alauddin Husain Shah.It was set up at Pirojpur villlage on the edges of Gaur, the capital of antiquated Bengal, which presently falls under the Shibganj thana of Chapainawabganj region of Rajshahi division.

Outer side of the mosque is 82 feet long in the north-south and 52.5 feet wide in the east-west.  There are four pinnacles in the four corners of the mosque Their land design is octagonal. The towers have step-by-step ring work. The height of the towers is up to the cornice of the roof.

inside of the mosque is isolated into three isles on the north-south and five lines on the east-west by six mainstays of dark basalt There are five mihrabs inside the mosque along the five doors of the pub wall. The middle one is bigger in size. The design of each is semi-circular. The mihrabs have ornaments on the stones. This is one of the tourist attractions and top ten historical mosques in Bangladesh.

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Bagha Mosque:

Bagha Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

For tourist this mosque is things to do in Bangladesh. The mosque was set up in 1523 by Ruler Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah, son of Alauddin Shah, the originator of the Hussain Shahi dynasty. The mosque is arranged on 256 bighas of land. The columns and carvings on the north side of the entryway have been annihilated. The mosque has 10 domes. And inside there are 6 pillars. The mosque has 4 curves which are decorated with extraordinary craftsmanship Length 75 feet wide 42 feet, height 24 feet 6 inches. The walls are 8 feet wide; the dome is 42 feet in diameter and 12 feet high. The Chauchala dome is 20 feet in diameter and about 30 feet high. There is an engraving in Persian on the center entryway. The masonry of the mosque is made of lime-surki. There are arches and pillars on the inside and outside walls. The Bagha Mosque is 22.92 meters long, 12.18 meters wide and 24 feet 6 inches high. Its walls are 2.22 meters thick. The mosque has an aggregate of 10 arches, 4 minarets (vault formed at the top) and 5 doors. The mosque is encircled by a divider on all sides and has two passageways on one or the other side of the divider. Earthenware plans are available wherever inside and outside the mosque. The colossal lake close to the mosque is additionally a position of interest. For visit you can check Land of Smile.

One of the top ten historical mosques in Bangladesh.

Sura Mosque:

Sura Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

This is one of the historical archeology in Bangladesh. Sura Masjid, Surmya Masjid or Shuja Masjid, it is an ancient mosque.The mosque is found 10 km west of Ghoraghat upazila of Dinajpur region and close to the antiquated repository on the Ghoraghat-Hili cleared street.

The mosque is tall in the east-west. Its outer size is 12.12 m. × 7.87 m. And the inside room of the main room is 4.84 m. × 4.84 m..The fundamental room of the mosque has a minaret at the four corners and a two-cornered outside at the two corners of the verandah These are made of black stone. There are three doorways on the east mass of the primary room and the verandah. There is a dome above the main room, there are three small domes above the porch.

The mihrabs on the west wall inside are of high quality. The use of stone with bricks in the mosque, the stone pillars in the middle of the walls, the brick masonry are eye-catching. Also, the door under each door is made of stone. There is a staircase to enter the mosque to the east. The black and sandstone is believed to have been brought from the Rajmahal at the western end of Bangla. It is believed that the ruins of this antiquity here are not after the Gupta period. For tourist this is one of the things to do in Bangladesh.

Khaniadighi or Rajbibi Mosque:

Rajbibi Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

Khaniyadighi Mosque is a historical architecture of Bangladesh, It is locally referred as Chamchika Mosque and Rajbibi Mosque. Its location is near the small Sona Mosque in Shibganj upazila of Chapainawabganj district in Rajshahi division It is believed that the mosque was built by a Rajbibi in 1460 to 1585 AD. Gaur was the capital of Bengal at that time. Next to this mosque there is a huge dighi known as Khaniya dighi.It is a good place for photography.

The area of this mosque is 62 × 42 feet. The lower building of the main dome is square in shape, each side 28 feet long. In front of the large room (east) was a porch, the remains of which are now visible. The mosque is made of brick, with lovely carvings outwardly. At present only a single dome and part of the walls of the Khanjandighi mosque survive. But their condition is also very dilapidated. This is one of the attractions and top ten historical mosques in Bangladesh.

Darasbari Mosque:

Darasbari Mosque is one of the historical mosque in Bangladesh

This is a historical mosque and one of the attractions of Bangladesh.The Darasbari Mosque is a notable example of early Muslim architecture in Bengal. Located between Omarpur in the middle of Chhota Sona Mosque and Kotwali Darwaza in Shibganj upazila of Chapainawabganj district. The mosque is located on the Indo-Bangladesh border. it is the biggest mosque in the Bangladesh part of gaur-Lakhnuti. As per an Arabic engraving found by Munshi Elahi Bakhsh during chronicled research (engraving length 11 feet 3 inches, width 2 feet 1 inch), the mosque was set up in 1469 AD (64 AH) during the reign of Sultan Shams Uddin Yusuf Shah.Before the mosque called Firozpur Mosque but When the Darusbari University was established by Sultan Hussain Shah in 1502 AD, the area and mosque became known as Darusbari. Dars means lesson. Probably there was once a madrasa adjacent to the mosque here. General Cunningham called it Darasbari or College in his own language. One of the top ten historical mosques in Bangladesh

Dhunichawk Mosque:

Dhunichawk Mosque is one of historical mosque in Bangladesh

Dhuni Chawk Mosque and located at Shibganj of Chapai Nawabganj Shibganj was a very prosperous city of the Mughal period in the historical Chapainawabganj district of Gaur. Dhaniyachak Mosque is one of the many installations of Mughal period, The Dhaniyachak Mosque is a unique example of medieval architecture during the Muslim rule in Bengal. The mosque is an example of a Mughal period architecture made of brick and terracotta. The mosque has four octagonal minarets or turrets at the four corners and several domes at the top. 3 entrances to the front. The middle one is relatively large. There are 4 more entrances to the north and south of the mosque. If any one talk about the history of Bangladesh, this mosque will come somewhere. One of the top ten historical mosques in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a land of mosques. So, for the tourist these mosques are things to do in Bangladesh. and if you think we have not mentioned your desired historical mosque then please share your valuable comments.

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