• Pay respect to locals.
• Use right hand to give & receive.
• Dress decently; locals are not accustomed to western dress up.
• Be polite to elders.
• Do a barging on rickshaw ride or when buying things, its fun.
• Ask for cell phone from a local incase you are in trouble.
• Drink bottle water only.
• Keep yourself hydrate all the time.
• Go wandering of your won in the villages.
• Always take off your shoes while visiting Mosque & Temples.

• Don’t be scared when people are staring at you just stare back.
• Don’t leave your passport anywhere always with you.
• Don’t underestimate the locals.
• Don’t use your left hand to pay anyone or to give anything.
• Don’t take alcohol in public.
• Don’t smoke in public (Ladies).


Ami Valo Ase. I am fine.
Apni kamon Asen How are you?
Dam koto? How much?
Onek dam. Too expensive.
Apnar Nam Ki? What is your Name?
Amar Nam……. My name is …….
Ami o khane ki vabe jabo? How can I get there?
Amar khuda ase. I am hungry.
Pani din. Give me water.