Bangladesh is in South Asia. It is bordered North, East and west by India and South –East by Myanmar and South is Bay of Bengal .Previously known as East Pakistan after the war of independence in 1971 Bangladesh got its own identity.

Bangladesh is densely populated country in the world, with a population of 160 million people.

The people of this country is most hospitable and friendly and ever smiling .When you are visiting somebody’s home you will be offered food drinks without any expectations from you.

The friendliest people you will ever get.

Bangla is official language in Bangladesh. And there are indigenous community having their own language.

 English is the second language of Bangladesh, widely spoken and understood in the cities.

Bangladesh is a Muslim oriented country about 85% of the total population is Muslims .You will also find Hindu, Buddhist and Christians. Even though it’s a Muslim country but it’s quite liberal comparing to other Muslim country.

 Bangladesh is a beautiful country .World’s largest mangrove forest “ Sunderban “ which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site lies here, 120 km long unbroken sea beach in Cox’s Bazar which you can enjoy.

There are archaeological sites dated from 5th century BC during period of Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim era. There are many forest, tea plantation, and hilly area of Banderban. The best of all is the people of Bangladesh wherever you visit there are a warm welcome which you will feel.

 Between September till March is best time to visit Bangladesh, when weather is cooler.

 It’s quite easy to obtain a visa for Bangladesh. You can even get visa on arrival in Bangladesh.

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There are 5 flights operator taking care of domestic passengers to Chittagong, Jessore , Barisal,Cox’s Bazar , Saidpur and  Rajshahi.

  • Bangladesh Airlines
  • Regent Airways
  • Novo Air
  • United Airways
  • U S Bangla

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 Not all just go to customer care of any cellular company with a photo copy of your passport along a passport size photo and within few minutes you will get a Sim card.

Yes, once you buy then they will cut it for you.

Do I need permission to visit some parts of Bangladesh?

Yes, to visit Hill districts of Chittagong you need a permission from DC office .You may E-Mail to them  or your travel agent will do it for you.

Working hour for offices and banks are from 10 am till 5pm.

Friday and Saturday is weekend here.

Taka is the name of Bangladeshi currency in short they write BDT Bangladeshi Taka.

Yes, you can go to a bank foreign exchange department and also there are money exchange companies in the big cities. Rates could differ between banks and money exchange companies. You may also exchange at airport when you arrive.

 Yes you will find ATM in all big cities that will support international credit cards.

You will also find ATM at airport when you arrive.

Drink only from sealed bottle.

It is only possible over phone or in person, on online booking, it is safe to book 15 days before the trip.

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