Baisabi Festival — usually celebrated as “Biju” by the Chakma and Tanchyanga, “Shangrai” as Marmas and “Baisuk” or “Baisu” by Tripuras — is the fundamental social celebration of the tribal individuals in the hilly areas of Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachhari.
Every tribe has their own specific manner of praising this celebration. For instance: Biju is praised for three back to back days by the Chakmas and Tanchyangas on the most recent two days of Chaitra and the main day of Baishakh. They shun themselves executing any living animals amid this celebration. The most recent day of Chaitra is considered as the principle celebration day. On this uncommon day they cook a blended curry with five sorts of vegetables, which they call Pachan.
The Marinas observe Shangrai for four days. They all convey the picture of Lord Buddha to the waterway front and set down the picture on a skimming bed. A short time later, they finish the showering of the picture in drain or sandalwood water and come back with it to set it in the Temple or in their homes. In each territory, the water tossing celebration begins with individuals tossing water at each other so that the earlier year’s distress will be washed away. The Baisuk celebration of the Tripura tribe is commended by revering the god Shiva and requesting his favors.

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